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Holiday Season Survival Guide: Part One

By Emily Roberts MA, LPC

“All I want for Christmas is a carrot!” I thought to myself as I attended a holiday party last week.  There were trays of delicious meats, puffed pastries oozing with butter, cookies, cakes, chocolate filled everything….Oh my I am salivating as I even write about this.  How hard is it to put out a veggie tray or nice salad?  Well, It’s that time of year again, where most of our socializing is done around food, wine, and treats.  It is hard to stay on track with your healthy life style when you are tempted at every turn. Whether it’s your co-workers bowl of holiday candies taunting you every time you leave your desk, or the 12 holiday parties you RSVP’ed for, there are temptations everywhere.   

Here are some healthy tips from the Neurogistics staff on how to stay happy and healthy this holiday season:

Nikki Jackson, CCN, Director of Practitioner Services says “Chew gum at holiday parties or throughout the day after meals.  Brush your teeth before you go to the party, it keeps you from wanting to nibble”  “Also fill up on fiber-rich foods such as veggies or whole grains, rather than going for deserts.  Often eating a meal or a balanced snack before you get to the party keeps you from over-eating once you are there.”

Jill Cornelius, Customer Service and Practice Manager challenge you to drink more water!   Over the cold months we are still dehydrated, it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t drink sugar and caffeine loaded beverages. “Keep a bottle of water at your desk at all times. Replace the sugar in your coffee or foods with Agave Nectar.  It tastes great and doesn’t give your body the sugar high and crash like sugar does.”

Champane Frias, Accounting Manager says “Hide the candy bowl at work and at home.  I hide it so my daughter does not ruin her teeth and so my co-workers don’t complain about the temptation.”  “Also park your car as far away as possible when doing your holiday shopping.  You will walk more.” Try taking a pedometer with you to the mall; you’ll be surprised how much walking you do when shopping.

Emily Roberts, MA, LPC, Childs Program Therapist, suggests “take a plate with you after the party, drop if off at a shelter or bring to a neighbor, it will keep your hostess from compiling about ALL the leftover food, and you’ll brighten someone’s day.”  “I also recommend making sure you are getting enough vitamin C, stash a few Emergen-C’s in your desk or purse and take them when your stressed or getting run down.  The last thing we want is to feel sick over the holidays!”

 Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

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