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The Impact of Trauma: Books to Help You And Your Child Heal

Trauma reorganizes the nervous system. One’s brain, body and behaviors can be altered tremendously from external factors. Thousands of research studies show that brain chemistry changes, the immune system is compromised, and overtime physical and psychological health is impacted greatly by traumatic experiences, especially without the right forms of healing. Whether you are helping your child or you yourself have experienced trauma or PTSD, these books are excellent and highly recommended to help you understand and heal the impact of trauma on the brain and body. » Read more..

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Smaller Brains and Shorter Fuses Found in Traumatized Children

Research shows that chronic neglect and abuse represent a profound threat to a child’s brain development.  Their brains are smaller and their fuses are shorter, emotional wiring doesn’t connect properly. It is biologically necessary to turn to caregivers for food, comfort and other basic needs. When these needs aren’t met, the lack of care sets off a biological stress response. Even before birth a flood of hormones can damage key areas of the brain. The brain is wired to be in a stress response before they even take their first breath. » Read more..

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