Are You Dairy-Free? Watch Out Dairy May Be Hiding in Your Holiday Meal

If you or a loved one is dairy-free, allergic to dairy or vegan, some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods may be hazardous to your health. Many Americans are allergic to milk rather than intolerant. If you are one of them, don’t ignore the products that can cause long-term problems to your mind and body. it is possible to be dairy-free this holiday season. » Read more..

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How MSG Hurts Your Brain and Where it’s Hiding in Your Pantry

MSG, Monosodium glutamate, is lurking in many of your favorite foods and your kids’ lunchboxes. Think this flavor enhancer won’t hurt you or impact your kiddos? We’ve seen some scary side-effects from people who thought they were immune to the tasty foods filled with MSG. But when emotions become erratic and behavior is out of control, they start to see how much MSG can impact their lives and health. MSG can kill brain cells; be aware of what’s hiding in your foods.

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Daylight Saving: Sleep and the Brain

The end of Daylight Saving Time occurred last weekend and boy are we feeling it! While adjusting in the fall is easier than in spring because we gain an hour of sleep for the fall time change, you might not actually be getting that extra hour of sleep. In fact most of us are trying to adjust to the darker days and brighter mornings leading to sleep cycle madness.

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Bullying and Your Child’s Brain

Bullying is a serious problem that impacts the developing mind. October is National Bullying Awareness Month and it’s something we must discuss. Many adults assume it’s something that all kids deal with; it’s not. In the past twenty years, more research has indicated the long-term implications that bullying has on one’s physical and mental health. In fact it can rewire the brain. With a world of social media at your child’s fingertips, bullying has made it into the home leading to more chronic mental health problems and impacting the ability for your child to function optimally.

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What You Need to Know About Gluten Intolerance & Sensitivity

Have you ever wondered why gluten is getting such a bad rap these days? The prevalence of Celiac and gluten intolerance has increased significantly and the media is all over it. But do you really need to cut out gluten from your diet? Here’s what you need to know about gluten sensitivities, allergies and Celiac Disease. » Read more..

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Mental Health Awareness Week: October 4th-10th

Mental Health Awareness Week this year takes place October 4th through 10th. It’s important for all of us to get real and educated about stigma and how mental health impacts our friends, family and often ourselves. Depression, anxiety and other diagnoses impact all of us. This Mental Health Awareness Week is dedicated to helping the public understand what resources are available and to help spread stigma-free awareness.  » Read more..

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Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Pills & Supplements

Did you remember to take your pills today? Whether its medications, vitamins or supplements, we all forget sometimes. Even though you may have the best intentions, when you forget to take your vitamins or supplements it can really hurt your physical and mental health. Your brain chemistry is imbalanced which impacts your entire well-being.

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Listen to the Children’s & Teen Health Summit Online Now

The Children’s & Teen Health Summit is for parents, caregivers and the children and teens they care for. This free, online conference will address a diverse buffet of topics during a week of interviews with leading experts in many health fields. Join our therapist Emily Roberts  MA, LPC and 25 experts in mental health, pediatrics and wellness to learn how to improve the health and well-being of our children at The Children’s & Teen Health Summit.  Come listen to The Children’s & Teen Health Summit for FREE and be inspired from September 14 – 20, 2015! Join the (R)evolution from the comfort of your home and learn invaluable information, as well as get some awesome free gifts from presenters.  » Read more..

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Going Back to School with Food Sensitivities: Is Your Child Prepared?

Food sensitives can make going back to school challenging for parents, teachers and kiddos. Many parents take precautions if their child has been told by a pediatrician or health practitioner to stay away from particular foods. However, if a child doesn’t have anaphylaxis or break out in hives, it can be hard for many parents and school administrators to consider food damaging to your child’s health. You  need precautions in place to make sure your child is safe and healthy during the school year.

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Tips for Back to School Success: Start This Year Off Right

It’s that time of year again, back to school and back to schedules, homework and often stress. Before the first bell rings, there are some very important things to be in place to insure a successful transition back to class. Preparing for these things in advance can contribute to a positive and productive school experience for most children. » Read more..

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